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Once upon a time...

...and long ago

Hey Welcome to my profile here is a little bit about me

Name: You may call me Rosey-chan.

Age: 16

Location: Maryland

Gender: Female

Anime/Manga likes:Naruto, Fruits Basket, DNangel, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pita Ten, Ceres, Kurumi Steel Angel, Ranma 1/2, Ai Yori Aoshi, Cardcaptors the list goes on and on and on I've really gotten into Prince of Tennis lately.

Other likes:

Books:Fantasy some science fiction some girly books Horror and vampire books too

Movies:Pride and Prejudice, The Phantom of The Opera, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away

Music: Evanescence, Linkin park, Carrie Underwood, Nickelback, Rihanna, some other hiphop/rap, some other metal/rock, some other country, various other things

Colors: Black, Blue, Silver

Food:Mexican, Ramen, french fries, other stuff food


Likes Naruto-Neji/Naru/Kaka/Sasu/Garr/Kank/Kiba/Kabu/Ita/Shika/lee/ShinoxSakura NejixTenten Temari/InoxShika all Yaoi and Yuri

Fruits Baskets- Kyo/YukixThoru, AyamexShigurexHatori any combinations of those three with each other, ShigurexAkito, HanajimaxShishou, KurenoxArisa, YukixManabe, MinexAyame, YukixMachi

Prince of Tennis - Pillar, Thrill, Platinum, Ah-un, Dirty, Jumpy, Bronze, Silver, Golden, Royal, OT5, OT6 (OT5 +Yukimura), Data, Emerald/Endurance, Rival, Childhood Friends, Kindness, leftover, Tango, Sweet, Adorable, Kinky, Uke, Sadist/Smiling, Alpha, AraixKachiro, HorioxTomako, SakunoxAn, KamioxShinji, others I don't feel like listing right now.

Dislikes Naruto-Sasu/Garr/NejixHina

Fruits Basket-AkitoxThoru(it's starting to grow on me)

Prince of Tennis - I don't like any Het pairings except those listed above


"Whoever said 'Anything is possible' has obviously ever tried to slam a revolving door" -someones profile

"Let the dark consume you and death take over and when you wake up I'll be there and it'll all be over" -me on an emo day

"She paints a perfect picture, she tells a flawless lie, she sings a song of beauty, and a haunting lullaby." -Unknown

"I've used up all my sick days so I'm calling in dead" -Unknown

"And Maybe tonight we'll fly so far away
we'll be lost before the dawn"
-Before the Dawn Evanescence

"Ok so these pants their for you and how many other people?"

"They did not sail left out of Spain." -Miss. Sabatini

"I have come to the conclusion that one useless man is called a disgrace, that two are called a law firm, and that three or more become a congress."

-John Adams - 1776

"I order you to spill your internal organs right now!"

"What kind of sick people are you?!"

"I think he means spill your guts."

- Omi, Jack Spicer, and Raimundo - Xiaolin Showdown

"I adore beautiful fingers." Fuji opened his eyes, looking particularly predatory. "Especially when they're skilled and taste like wasabi sushi.

And blood, came the unbidden thought."

- "Ideal Types" by strangertrack