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Marui's Love Disaster Chapter 3 - Disaster Strikes

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Jun. 23rd, 2010 | 09:55 pm
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A year passed in much the same way it always had for Marui. Well, almost the same way. There were photo shoots and outfits, time spent with Niou and Yagyuu, company parties, drinking, dancing, and good times. But, there was also Jackal. The realization came slowly to Marui, he was in love with Jackal. They went out a lot, but they were not officially dating. Jackal had taken him lots of places, and Marui had even plucked up the courage to ask Jackal out several times. They had been clubbing, movies, dinner, bowling, skating. Couply activities. Marui was disheartened by the fact that Jackal had never asked to be his boyfriend.
Slumped against the wall, Marui sighed. He was tired and not because he'd gone clubbing with Niou, Yagyuu, and Jackal last night. Even though he was hung over, he could deal with that. What was really exhausting was Jackal. He'd tried everything to get his half-Brazilian suitor to ask him to officially be his boyfriend but, his efforts were almost in vain, he'd failed to get anywhere. His skills were not enough to snag the other's attention. It was frustrating, Marui was beginning to despair the whole cause.
“Bunta.” Marui looked up. Yukimura, Sanada, and Jackal were walking down the hall in his direction. “Don't be late for the shoot today of I'll have Inui give you one of his homemade protein shakes as punishment.” Marui shivered, now that was encouragement. Yukimura, unlike others was bound to follow through on that threat, some people wondered if that was how he kept his position so long. Those people were never seen again. “Remember, don't be late.” Marui stuck his tongue out as Yukimura ruffled his hair.
“Yeah, I know.” Sanada gave him a brief look from under the brim of his cap. Marui swore to whatever higher power that that cap was Satan's spawn. Marui might not have been gay for long but, he'd always appreciated beautiful men before. Sanada was beautiful, in a gruff way, but the cap that was glued to his hair, as far as anyone else knew, was an abomination. While Yukimura and Sanada moved on Jackal stayed behind to talk to Marui for a second.
“Do you want to have dinner next Friday. I want to ask you something then and...” Jackal blushed and trailed off. Marui smiled brightly at Jackal.
“Sure, just tell me when. It should be no trouble though. Friday is Hiroshi's and Masaharu's movie night. And we don't work the next day, maybe we can go to the club from last night. I really liked the place.” Jackal nodded with a huge smile of his own. He kissed both of Marui's cheeks, as was his custom and ran after Yukimura and Sanada. Marui touched both of his cheeks, he was sure he was blushing but, he didn't mind. He looked up just before Yukimura rounded the corner. The photographer winked cheekily at him and disappeared. Marui's jaw dropped, he really had a lot of nerve. Marui shrugged it off though, he was in too good of a mood. Nothing was going to get him down today.
Marui walked back to his dressing room with a spring in his step. As he reached for the handle he froze. His ears perked up. The sound of running feet was accompanied by the click of metal hitting metal. He knew that sound. Jirou, the rings were the metal was the best tip off, it waas two rings that Jirou wore around his neck on a chain. Marui looked around for a place to hide. There was none. Not even hiding in his dressing room could save him now.
“MA-RU-I-KUUUUUUUUUUUUNNNN~~!!!!” Closing his eyes and bracing himself Marui wondered, why did this always happen to him, why not someone else. He prayed that this time, he would not be swept off his feet though by his number one fan. “MARUI-KUN!” Jirou threw his arms around Marui's waist and despite being ready, Marui was tackled to the ground. From where he was laying on the ground, Marui sighed, why did this have to happen every time.
“Marui-kun, Marui-kun. You'll never guess what!” Marui laid his forehead against the wall, Jirou hadn't been this hyper since last time they had a photo shoot together. “We're posing together today. Isn't it amazing Marui-kun.”
“Yes, I know Jirou. Didn't I tell you to call me Bunta though.” Jirou's already wide eyes got wider and he squeed while hugging Marui tighter.
“Oh my god, that makes me so happy that I can call you that.” Marui pressed a hand to his stomach, it was getting hard to breathe, Jirou was crushing his wind pipe. Luckily for Marui, Mizuki happened to walk by and with a 'nfu' and a twirl of his hair, he spoke.
“Jirou-kun, I've been looking for you. I have your outfit, why don't you come pick it up before your make-up call.” Blessedly, Marui was released and gasped for a breath. Jirou hopped over to Mizuki and clung to his arm.
“Sounds good to me Hajime-chan. Later Bunta-kun.” Jirou dragged a slightly startled Mizuki off, in the opposite direction of Mizuki's office. Marui stood and brushed himself off, Mizuki brought it upon himself. Giving the hall a suspicious look just in case, Marui wrenched the door to his dressing room open and stormed in. Shutting the door with a resonating slam he relaxed until he heard a throat cleared.
“Ah, Bunta. What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in make-up or getting things from Hajime?” Marui's eye twitched. He looked up to see Yagyuu quickly straightening his tie and tucking his shirt in. Niou didn't even bother trying to look respectable, not that he normally did anyway.
“Didn't you hear the commotion in the hall just a second ago Hiroshi, Marui was getting tackled by his number one fan. No, wait, never mind. You were too busy with my di-”
“That's quite enough from you Masaharu. How did you manage to fend off our dear Jirou-chan this time Bunta?” Marui stepped away from the door and pulled his chair out.
“Didn't, Hajime rescued me. I have to pose with him today so, It's not like I'm going to be doing much escaping. I'm going to have to deal for this afternoon or, let Keigo castrate me cause I hurt his precious Ji-chan's feelings.” Atobe had more than one talk with Marui about being nice to his “Ji-chan” Kabaji lingered in the background with a threatening presence combined with the protective aura that rolled off Atobe in spades, Marui knew to play nice. “Now Hajime has to deal with the super ball of energy for a while until he can scrape him off into Taki's hands unless he falls asleep, which, I imagine he probably will.” Niou laughed and rocked back on his chair.
“So how are things with Jackal as of lately? Anything juicy? Any big confessions?” Marui flipped so he was facing Niou. Niou winked raunchily.
“You know something don't you.” Marui raised a suspicious eyebrow and regarded him suspiciously. “Hiroshi, what aren't you two telling me.” Yagyuu raised an eyebrow.
“What makes you think I know anything. Perhaps you should ask Masaharu, he seems to know something.” Marui snorted.
“Anything Masaharu knows, you also know Hiroshi. Don't play dumb with me.” Niou laughed and leaned forward so he was resting across his vanity table. “Come on, tell me what the big secret is. You know I hate surprises and being left in the dark. It's just unfair.”
“Life is unfair. But, since you're practically begging. I was merely insinuating that considering the recent pattern of Jackal's behavior and all. Isn't it about time he asked you to move in. The only reason I have to ask is because Jackal knows us too well. He knows he can't tell me or Hiroshi something and not expect you to find out before he can tell you.” Marui blinked, that made a lot of sense. Damn Niou and his logical chain of thoughts. “Besides, it's been a year. It's about time isn't it?” That, Marui knew was not for his benefit but, for Niou's. Niou had been trying to get Yagyuu to ask him to move in for years, practically since they began dating.
“You're really a good influence on him Hiroshi. However, I can't say the same for you Masa, you're an awful influence. You've made Hiroshi become twisted and tricky. Sometimes I wonder if it's actually him and not you in disguise. You could pull that off I bet. With a little help from Taki and Mizuki.” Both Yagyuu and Niou laughed at that and gave each other knowing looks. Marui glared at both of them. “You two are scary.”
“You can talk about this later Bunta, you're late for your make-up appointment.” Marui jumped about three feet in the air. “Don't let your guard down.” Marui turned around and glared at Tezuka, who unaffectedly pushed his glasses up and stared blankly back. Another figure appeared at the door, barely wearing an already see-through shirt and unbuttoned pants.
“Kuni, did you forget about me already.” This time Tezuka jumped slightly and blushed a little, again pushing his glasses up. Fuji had that effect on a lot of people, especially Tezuka.
Under his breath Marui murmured in a mocking tone. “Don't let your guard down.” Tezuka gave him a sideways glare and a tap on the head with his clipboard.
“Shusuke, go back and please stop doing indecent things. I will be right there to, continue. Bunta, get dressed and make-up, promptly.” Tezuka and Fuji left and Marui closed the doors. He looked at Yagyuu and Niou.
“You could have warned me.” Both of them gave him bemused looks and began conversing in soft whispers. Yagyuu was straddling Niou's lap and speaking softly into his ear. Niou had a soft smile on his face and listened intently. Marui smiled at them, it was comforting to know some things never changed. One of those things he was very glad of was the good relationship they had, one that didn't need words or actions to express all the love and desire they had. It gave Marui hope, and as he watched then, he couldn't help smiling a little.
Slowly his hands came and unbuttoned his shirt throwing it across his table and then undoing his pants. He pulled on the outfit Mizuki had made for this occasion. It was relatively normal, for Mizuki. A pair of soft black slacks, a form fitting white t-shirt, and a black button down. Marui's shoes were also black. Heading off to make-up he saluted a small goodbye to the otherwise-engaged lovers.
The halls were quiet, there were already photo shots in session so, most people were busy. Stepping into the make-up room, it was also quiet. Jirou had fallen asleep under Taki's careful ministrations and was snoring in the make-up chair. Vaguely Marui realized the shoot must have a black-and-white theme. Jirou was wearing an outfit identical to Marui except the colors were reversed. Sitting down to have his hair worked on by Ibu Shinji, even Marui was lulled to sleep by Shinji's constant muttering.
“Bunta-kun looks so sleepy, just like Ji-kun. I don't know why all the models looks so tired all the time. They don't do much do they. They get to sit and play around all day, we're in here on our feet, catering to their needs, and just look at my hands from all this dye. I should wear gloves. I always forget gloves. Plus, I don't really like gloves. The latex feels strange and it makes my hands feel strange. Akira says the dye gives my hands character, can hands have character or was Akira just saying that...” As Marui drifted off he vaguely thought this was another thing that never changed.


Marui was shaken awake by Taki what seemed like a minute later. “You're getting to be just like Ji-chan, you know?” Taki pointed to Jirou before leaving. Marui grunted slightly and sat up. Both Taki and Shinji had finished while he was asleep. Marui had streaks of black randomly highlighting his hair, it looked good. For a second he considered getting it permanent, maybe he'd have to talk to Yukimura, see what the photographer thought. The make-up looked good too, a little too much for normal stuff though. Marui's eyes were smoky black with white eyeliner to make his eyes look bigger. His lips were neutral and he had a light blush across his face. Jirou had platinum streaks in his already light blond hair and his brown eyes had been accented with silvery shadow and black eyeliner.
“Wake-up Jirou, time to go.” Marui nudged the sleeping boy who immediately sat up and gave Marui a dazed look. “Come on, don't want to be late.” Jirou stood up and followed Marui from the make-up room to the room prepared for their shoot. Yukimura was talking to Sanada while Jackal set up Yukimura's stuff.
“Ah, Bunta, Ji-chan.” Yukimura waved them over. “Today's photo shoot is for CUTiE 1, so you want to look seductive and playful in a light, happy manner.” Marui nodded, that was the typical rule for girls magazines, look hot but, look happy. Yukimura reached over and shook Jirou. “Wake up Ji-chan , you're going to do a shoot with Bunta.” That immediately roused Jirou.
“Awesome, I get to take pictures with Bunta.” Jirou immediately hooped over to the set and began playing with things. Sanada twitched but Yukimura laughed. Marui just kinda shrugged and went over to join Jirou.
The set was pretty plain, two sofas. One white, one black. It was a welcome change to the insanely complicated and intricate sets that Shishido Ryou and his boyfriend Ootori Choutarou had come up with in the past. As Yukimura preped Marui let his mind become clear. He looked at Jirou and smiled and Jirou grinned back.


“Hey, Hiroshi, Masaharu.” Niou and Yagyuu looked up as a nervous looking Jackal stood in their door way.
“Hello Jackal. Can we help you somehow?” Jackal fully entered the room and shut the door. He looked around the room suspiciously. “Is something the matter Jackal?”
“Not particularly but, I want to ask you something that requires the utmost secrecy.” Yagyuu and Niou both nodded with serious expressions. “Would it be alright with you two if I asked Bunta to move in with me.” Niou looked at Jackal and then at Yagyuu and began to laugh. Jackal flushed and Yagyuu gave Niou an admonishing look.
“I'm sorry Jackal, I don't mean to laugh. It's not funny. It just sounds like you're asking us to give our daughter away in marriage.” Jackal flushed deeper but let out a chuckle. “Of course it's fine with us, It's more than fine. We've been waiting for this moment all year. We want you two to become serious. It would be good for both of you, and it obviously makes you both happy. You know, the day you met Bunta, before you met him, he complained about being single and wanting someone and, then you come and sweep him off his feet.”
“Masaharu's right, we want you to ask him.” Yagyuu leaned his head on Niou shoulder and observed Jackal.
“I was just worried because I wasn't sure if Masaharu would be able to find a roommate at such short notice.” Yagyuu smiled mysteriously.
“Don't worry about Masaharu, I know someone who will want to room with him.” Both Niou and Jackal got confused looks on their faces, Niou mentally noted to ask Yagyuu about it later.
“I'm going to ask him on Friday. I'm going to take him for a romantic dinner at Season, and then back to my apartment for the night. I'm making the reservations for the restaurant tonight, because I want everything to be perfect.” Niou smiled, Jackal was so romantic, he wished Yagyuu would ask him to move in. “Thank you, both of you. For everything you have done for me this past year. I'll make sure Bunta is very happy.” Then with a wave and a huge smile, Jackal left. Niou turned his head slightly to look at Yagyuu
“It really sounds like we're giving our daughter's hand away in marriage.” Yagyuu just laughed and kissed Niou's cheek.


Marui stretched, photo shoots were exhausting. He sat at his vanity table and attempted to tone down or completely remove his make-up. Yagyuu and Niou were off to their own devices so, for once, the room was still and quiet. In the silence, Marui's thoughts bubbled up and spilled forth. He set the towel down and looked at himself in the mirror. Maybe, things with Jackal would be alright. Maybe, things were finally starting to look up. As Marui became lost in his thoughts a timid knock came at his door.
The knock snapped him back to reality, and he turned his char around, trying to look casual. “Come in.” The door opened slowly to reveal Jirou, still in his make-up and clothes although his clothes were rumpled and his foundation had rubbled off a little.
“Umm... Bunta-kun, can I ask a favor?” Marui thought it was unusual.
“Sure Jirou, what is it you need?” Marui gestured for him to sit down. Jirou looked timid and small, which was unusual for Jirou. He usually either looked tired or hyper.
“Well, Kei-chan is out of town on magazine business and I'm all alone at our house, I was wondering , if you didn't have any plans with Hiroshi and Masaharu or Jackal. Would you like to come to dinner with me and then sleep over.” This was unusual for Jirou to ask something of Marui and the request was even stranger. But, if he recalled right when Jirou had introduced himself to Marui, and in one of Atobe's many rants. He thought he remembered them saying that Jirou hated to be alone. Marui was pretty sure that Atobe had said if Jirou was attempting to eat alone, no food would be ingested, even if it was his favorite dish.
“Of course Jirou, I'd be delighted to spend the night with you. I don't have plans with anyone so it should be good.” Jirou looked up at Marui and his expression brightened. He bounded over to Marui and pulled him into a big bear hug.
“You're the best Marui-kun. Let me go and change and take my make-up off, I'll meet you out front in maybe half an hour.” Marui nodded and Jirou rushed off. Marui was almost tempted to follow him to make sure he didn't fall asleep, he figured it would be alright though. Since Marui had been almost done he had enough time to call Niou and Yagyuu who were at the apartment to tell them where he would be. Yagyuu sounded suspiciously nervous but didn't let on to his notion and Marui didn't ask. Then, he gather all his stuff and went to sit and wait in the lobby until Jirou was done.


Niou laid back on his bed with a satisfied smile and closed eyes. He was enjoying life at this moment. Yagyuu was stretched out beside him, for once letting himself relax and enjoy life as much as Niou was. Marui was happy too, and that made Niou happy. Not that he would ever tell anyone. He really cared a lot about the way his roommate had been alone for so long. He was glad Jackal had come along and changed that, it made Marui smile more and relax. That put a smile on Niou's face. Things couldn't get much better right about now.
“Masa.” Niou popped an eye open and looked out of the corner at Yagyuu.
“Hmm... what is it 'roshi?” He asked lazily.
“You know how I said there was someone who wanted to room with you?” Masaharu opened his other eye and rolled to his side. He propped his head up with his arm so he could look down at Yagyuu. Yagyuu looked uncharacteristically nervous.
“Yeah, what about it?” Masaharu was now slightly suspicious.
“Well... I...”Yagyuu trailed off so Masaharu couldn't understand him.
“Hiro, I can't hear you. Speak up.”
“I said, if it's alright, I want you to move in, with...well. I'd want you to move in with me.” Niou had to look away for a second as his eyes brimmed with tears. “Masaharu?”
“Yes.” Niou's voice was rough as he answered. “Yes, a thousand times, yes.” Niou leaned in and kissed Yagyuu's cheeks, forehead, nose, and lips with soft butterfly kisses murmuring 'yes' over and over again. When he laid back down his satisfied smile had taken a softer appearance and he couldn't help but let a few tears run down his cheeks. He was wrong before, today had been the best day in his life. It had been perfect, absolutely flawless.


“So, where are we going Jirou?” Marui asked once they climbed into Jirou and Atobe's limo.
“Season.” Marui smiled fondly. He had his first date with Jackal there and, he loved the food they served. The ride was short and silent, Jirou was nodding off and Marui himself felt a bit sleepy. When they arrived at the restaurant, they were seated promptly as the Maitre d' recognized Jirou as Atobe Keigo's boyfriend. Marui knew what he was going to order so he didn't have to look at the menu he just ordered a drink and waited. Jirou studied the menu with sleepy eyes.
“What do you recommend Bunta?” Marui raised an eyebrow, he didn't know what Jirou liked to eat.
“I've always been partial to the Orange Chicken and their eel is very good.” Jirou nodded and went back to studying his menu. Marui realized he must have dozed of because the waiter was shaking him and asking for his order. Marui apologized and ordered chicken tempura. Then he rested his head on his hand again and dozed.
“Bunta.” That voice snapped him out of his daze. He looked past a sleepy Jirou to see Jackal. His eyes widened. “Bunta what are you doing here with Jirou-kun?” Before he could process what Jackal had just said, Jirou answered.
“Bun-chan is on a date with me.” Jackal's nose wrinkled angrily.
“A date? So, does this mean we're over? Were you even going to tell me you had a new boyfriend?” Marui scrambled for the words to explain it wasn't like that but Jackal didn't give him the chance. “Don't I don't want to hear it. You can forget about our date this Friday. Also, expect never to see me again.” Jackal stormed out. After recovering from the shock Marui followed him but, Jackal was in his car and driving off by the time Marui got outside.
“Bunta?” Jirou was behind him Marui didn't know weather to be angry with him or not. He realized it wasn't Jirou's fault though, Jackal had over reacted and not given Marui the chance to explain. “Bunta, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean- I didn't think he'd take it that way.”
“Jirou, it's not your fault. Can we leave now?”
“Please, can we just leave?”
“Alright. Wait in the car. I'll pay and ask them to box the food.” Jirou went back inside. Slowly after he got his legs to react Marui went back to the car. Jirou's driver let him in and once he was settled in the back, Marui began to cry. The tears he desperately wanted to hold back rolled freely down his cheeks. Even when Jirou came he couldn't stop. He let Jirou hold him and rock him, singing a soothing lullaby.

A/N: Hi there, it's been almost a year since I posted a chapter. I really hope this was worth the wait. This chapter is dedicated to Eve (everlind) , because she (and her love for this story) makes me smile. Also, it's been almost a year since I started beta reading for her.

1 – the name of a Japanese women's fashion magazine.

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From: everlind
Date: Jun. 24th, 2010 06:53 pm (UTC)

... hang on.

You do realize that the next chapter will have to come real soon, right? Like, real soon. Tomorrow would be good (just kidding, only not really). You can't leave it hanging there!! D:

Anyway, I am glad to see a new chapter for this story! I'm curious how it'll go now! Everything was all nice and good and perfect and then bam! all to little bits. Poor Marui.

It was worth the wait :)

Thanks for dedicating it!

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From: iseeyoustalk
Date: Jul. 20th, 2010 03:30 pm (UTC)

Okay, so I just read this chapter, but I cannot find the first few :( link plz?

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